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Let us entertain you

With our series of carefully curated atmospheric playlists providing the perfect soundtrack both on and off the water.

Our two F//LINE 33 Presents collections are powered by Fusion Entertainment, specialists in marine audio systems, and feature nine distinctive playlists. Whether it’s a lazy afternoon, an intimate evening or a party vibe, there is something for all F//LINE fans around the globe, including specially curated Miami and Balearics playlists reflecting the spirit of these stunning yachting destinations. 

    Playlist 1 - Lazy Afternoons

    Discover Lazy Afternoons, the perfect playlist for chilled out, laid back days on board your F//LINE33.

    Playlist 2 - The Lounge

    Keep the beach club atmosphere alive with our Lounge Playlist, created by renowned DJ Thomas Ullrich. Listen now.

    Playlist 3 - After Sunset

    Enjoy summer nights to the max, and set a balmy tone onboard with our After Sunset playlist. Listen now.

    Playlist 4 - Chilled Balearics

    Create laid-back beach memories that will last a lifetime with our Chilled Balearics Playlist. Listen now.

    Playlist 5 - Miami

    For nights that you wish would go on forever... Immerse yourself in our Miami Playlist and party all the way through 'til dawn... Listen now.

    Playlist 6 - For the Journey

    House classics and the ultimate anthems to enjoy with the throttle pushed to 11. Crank up the volume, grab a cold one and settle in for the perfect boat trip soundtrack.

    Playlist 7 - Deeper

    Go deeper and feel the beats that’ll get you into the late-night groove, taking you through to the early hours in style.

    Playlist 8 - Lazy Days

    Chilled sounds and relaxed vibes for those scorching hot days when all you can do is sit back and enjoy the view.

    Playlist 9 - Beach Life

    Party tunes to get everyone in the mood. Light the fire, get the cocktails flowing and make some memories with those that matter the most.

    Playlist 10 - The Lounge

    The perfect playlist to transition from day into night. A relaxed mix of classics and future classics that will have you ready to party until the morning.

    Playlist 11 - After Dark

    Playlist 12 - The Cocktail Hour

    Playlist 13 - Chilled Beats

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